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Research: Businesswomen in the Creative Industry

A new research is available focused on illustrating the role of businesswomen in the creative industry. Based on a global research including 500 women, both entrepreneurs and freelancers, the general breakdown shows a percentage division by fields. The results cover more than 40 different fields which are preferred by businesswomen in Q3 2020. The featured womenpreneurs are from various areas such as owners of advertising agencies, publishing houses, magazines, fashion design companies, as well as self-produced artists, self-published authors, etc.

The most popular field is Graphic Design with 22,6% of the women working as designers or illustrators. The majority of them own graphic design agencies providing services such as brand design, logo design, web design, book and cover illustration, magazine design, character design, etc. The second place is taken by Handmade Production companies which are preferred by 10,7% of the businesswomen.

Some of the areas with smaller percentage are Game Design, Industrial Design, Architecture and Filmmaking. Surprisingly, Fashion Design and Interior Design are also within the smaller numbers, respectively with 2,1% and 1,2% of the women who participated in the research. For more information download the research Businesswomen in the Creative Industry.

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