This page is dedicated to the discussions for the event on 29 and 30 October. 


Conflicts in the Creative Education

  • Online vs in person education: Future of higher education for creatives

  • Is creative education too time consuming?

  • Do you need a degree to get a job?

  • Is there a gap between the academic environment and the industry?

  • What should be removed or added to the curriculum to make education more relevant?

Engaging Conditions in Gaming

  • What are necessary conditions for a gaming studio to grow and maintain sustainable relationships with its clients, publishers and audience?

  • How you can create hype?

  • What are the essentials of community building? Which are the best solutions to keep the audience engaged?

  • What’s the impact of environmental storytelling now?

The New Environment of Entertainment Business

  • Has digitalization had a positive impact on the entertainment industry over the past years?

  • Is the future of Entertainment Business online?

  • Which are the new business models and strategies in the creative economy?

  • Do you think the stakeholders, creatives and the new wave of students are ready for the next environment and technological progress?

Career in the Creative Industry

  • Where are the job openings right now?

  • Are some professions extinct due to modern technology or the pandemic?

  • How has the pandemic affected the job market?

  • Myths and reality of interacting with professionals in the industry: Impact of events and communities on career development

Honest Conversation: Freedom of Speech

  • Have people become too sensitive lately
  • Are there lines that should never be crossed in creative work or when it comes to publicly stating a personal opinion
  • Has the creative industry been suffering from limitations forced by popular opinions?Freedom of speech has lately been a recurring issue in many of the creative sectors. Is self-expression of great importance for creatives and an attraction for their audience?

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