Arbor Mundi


The Symbol of the Conference

author: Lilia Ivanova

SlavConf. is conceived as an annual conference supporting an ideology and causes related to the development and the popularization of the Bulgarian and Slavic identity, of our culture, history and languages. This aims at a broader exchange and connection between the professional opportunities for realization and the academic development of young humanitarians and at promoting the cause for wider interest in the humanities. Considering the aim for duration and annual work, SlavConf. marks the beginning of its own brand, having chosen the Slavic World Tree as its symbol. The version prepared by us aims to present this mythological element, stylized in the form of a Bulgarian traditional pattern. 

World Tree is the representation of the way our ancestors imagined the world and the universe. This is one of the symbols of the Slavic beliefs and mythology related to the idea that the tree sustains life on earth, and if it is cut off, this would be the end of the world. The tree is located in its center and is divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower. The upper one is called Prav, this is the world inhabited by the gods, which is located in the crown of the tree. The middle one is the world of people, the world of everything we know and see, the transition between the upper and the lower world - this is the trunk of the tree which is called Yav. The lower one, called Nav, is in the roots of the tree, this is the underworld, there are the spirits of the dead, as well as some mythological creatures.

SlavConf. supports the idea of succession and preservation of the Bulgarian history and identity.