SlavConf. 2017 | Humanities, Business, Education

13-14 October 2017
Aula Magna, Sofia University

Conference on humanities, arts and business. The first conference in Europe for business in culture, philology and arts. The event presents opportunities for career and creative development.

"Learn how it is and what to do."

My participation was at the end, but I was impressed by the wonderful, serene young people who do what they should immediately, willingly and with pleasure. Actually, my role was the rest of the participants to find what they were looking for. I was very happy that people were really interested in matter, their questions were essentially interesting and not formal. After the end, the students told me that they had exactly what they needed - to learn how things really are and what to do. I hope I have been helpful.
Lachezar Mincheff




SlavConf. 2017


Our event is nominated in "Project of the Year 2017"

Sofia University creates the conditions for the conference to become an annual tradition.


Over 50 opportunities in Bulgaria have been presented within two days of the conference. Visitors were advised to set up their own businesses in the education and translation services.

Analysis and Results

The results of the SWOT-Analysis of the humanities lead to a positive outlook; full of opportunities.

The lectures and panels discussed and analyzed solutions and problems on specialized topics related to the profession of the literary agent, basics of the film translation, blockchain in education, the future of philology, cultural heritage and more.


SlavConf. 2017 | Humanities, Business, Education