Research: Scriptwriting in Numbers


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SlavConf. released a research on the scriptwriting activities in Europe. The purpose is to help people who are interested in screenwriting by visualizing the wide range of career opportunities. 

The research reveals a common vision of scriptwriting as an industry. Generally, screenwriters work as freelancers, but we split the study into separate sections that consider writing scripts as a specialized part of the creative industry.


The range of opportunities divide the activity of the scriptwriter into sectors. Scriptwriters can work in the film industry, write scripts for theater, television, gaming, advertising, as well as in marketing and even in channels for fast video content creation on the web. 


We analyze higher education opportunities and, accordingly, the career of the scriptwriter. The results of the survey include data for job listings in Europe for the period January-March 2020.


The main purpose of this study is to gather in one place information on the development of scriptwriters by division of the results by cities, countries and other forms of comparison.