What I saw exceeded my expectations! It was interesting to answer the questions of the audience and to discuss the topic with my colleagues. There was free Coca-Cola! Just kidding. The best thing was that students looked more often at lecturers and participants rather than at their phones. It would be a great pleasure to join again!

Georgi Staykov, PhD 


Everything was entirely positive and the organization was at a very good level. The results are good. The most impressive is the variety of lecturers.

Deyan Statulov, PhD
Film Critic


The lecturers were interesting. They are all successfull in their field. I recommend a larger marketing campaign for a longer term among students and potential guests. 

Georgi Galabov 
Secretary General at NSEC UNESCO


The organization was at a great level. The most positive things were the smiles of the people. 

Martin Kolev 


The organization was at the highest level. The standards of the conference far exceeded the parameters of similar national conferences and they are commensurate with good global examples. 

The conference is a wonderful and unique opportunity for students to hear the voice of their future employers as well as learn about the latest opportunities for realization. 

It is an opportunity for a conversation that reveals worlds. Useful and pleasant meetings. Lively dialogues. An academic atmosphere coupled with the desire to set the paths for young people. Sharing - experience, knowledge, opportunities. Awareness. Possible opportunities. Useful conversations. I found even more than what I'm looking for. The keen desire of the organizers to make every detail excellent was the most impressive. If they invite me again, I'll join with pleasure.

Assoc. Prof. Vladislav Milanov, PhD
Director at Center for Analysis of Journalistic and Political Speech


My expectations were for an interesting discussion on cinema, screenwriting and film critics. We discussed the problems and future development of young screenwriters and documentarists in Bulgaria. I think the people who attend the conference are interested in the discussion. I hope we've been helpful to them. Personally, my expectations overlap with the results! The conference was well conducted and pursued its original goals and themes. There were also many questions from the audience.

Bilyana Braykova-Karastoyanova

logo 3.tif

Keep it up with the same spirit as the forum gains more popularity and more visitors from a variety of faculties and universities, academia, and education, business and arts. It would be great if the representatives of the high schools in Bulgaria would take part, because the different panels would be useful not only for undergraduates, but also for the high school students who would turn to the humanities in our country. It is important for students to come across a real experience that would be useful to them in choosing a professional career, and I think that really happens within the framework of the conference. And yes, I managed to meet the like-minded people with whom we could share experiences and ideas. The enthusiastic volunteers who joined the forum impressed me the most. I will join the conference again with pleasure, as long as I can contribute with something,

Mihaela Tsenkova


My expectations were that SlavConf. will be an excellent opportunity to meet young people from different areas and exchange experiences. I think it was extremely successful and helpful in this direction. Personally, I'm pleased with the conference. I hoped it would be an excellent opportunity to exchange experience and meet different perspectives. That's what happened. I liked that professionals from different areas were involved, contributing to an interdisciplinary approach to the conference, and this is of utmost importance to modern society. I'd love to join again!

Kalin Kalinov
Film Producer


I had no specific expectations, but I was pleased. I met new people and learned new things about writing. The drinks, which in their arrangement wrote "SlavConf" gave me the most positive impression. The organization was on a high level! I recommend choosing a room with better acoustics.

Anton Borissov


My participation was at the end, but I was impressed by the wonderful, serene young people who do what they should immediately, willingly and with pleasure. Actually, my role was the rest of the participants to find what they were looking for. I was very happy that people were really interested in the matter, their questions were essentially interesting and not formal. After the end, the students told me that they obtained exactly what they needed - to learn how things happen in reality. I hope I was helpful.

Lachezar Mincheff

It [SlavConf.] is on European level. I recommend a live stream.

Hristian Daskalov
Open Source University

In my opinion, the level was perfect for a local conference. It has exceeded my expectations. Smart young people interested in computational linguistics.

Georgi Georgiev 

I created good contacts and the ideas I promoted found an echo in the audience.

Mihail Nenov 
Elementary School "Alexander Georgiev - Kodzhakafaliyata" - Burgas

The conference provoked the expected interest and prepared the ground for its next edition next year. My expectations were met.

Ivan Savov

I did not encounter any problems at the organizational or communication level, but perhaps the marketing of the venture could be further optimized. I did not have specific expectations from the audience, but I think the questions they asked me were interesting.

Daniel Vasilev

Very high level and I would say professional. Communicating with colleagues always brings new ideas and new knowledge.

Prof. Petya Osenova, PhD
Софийски университет „Св. Климент Охридски”