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Game Review: Lifeslide

The official release of the game will be on Steam in August.

Dreamteck is presenting the demo for their new game Lifeslide for its E3 showcase. The paper plane adventure game is a metaphorical experience for the adventure through life. Presenting the story through the colorful and ever-changing atmosphere of the game, the developer has truly mastered environmental storytelling, which has been a top trend in the gaming industry recently.

Even though it looks like a chill game and might come off as easy and monotone, Lifeslide is not simple at all. In fact, the game has a way of testing the player’s nerves and if you don’t keep calm and prepare to be patient and use your reflexes, you might find the game very challenging. It never gets boring, since the maps keeps transforming within every chapter and segments of the maps swap their place within each chapter as the player restarts it. In this way, even replaying the same level gives you a unique experience as you cannot memorize the road ahead and never know what to expect. There is definitely a feeling of satisfaction when you manage to collect the gems or to open a new chapter. The flight through chapters is smooth and there are no transitions or loading screens between the levels. In this way there is no annoying pauses or waiting and the gameplay is uninterrupted. You can use the gems to upgrade or to buy new planes, but since the game is so diverse, sometimes you might like to reset the improvements you have made to adjust better to a given level. And the game lets you do that. It would even reimburse you half the gems you have spent on the improvements you choose to reset. A cool detail in the menu is the Exit button which in this case says “Give up”. It is a clever touch and actually can make you feel bad for quitting. Also very lifelike since this is exactly how you should be feeling in life if you give up on being a winner.

During their E3 Twitch stream, we asked Dreamteck whether they consider a multiplayer mode as it would be a really cool racing experience. They confirmed that the idea of introducing this feature is actually one of the possibilities they are considering for Lifeslide’s future development.

At the beginning of the chapters, the game gives you important tips, which are easy to miss, but most of the time they provide you the essentials you need to master the flight. So read the tips, they do help! We won’t mention the most important ones, because all it takes to get them is to pay attention to the game, but we will give you several tips of our own. 😉


  • The hints of the game tell you that flying higher reduces your momentum. But sometimes flying too low might have the same affect, since there is often no way to get back up. Making too many sharp turns also reduces your momentum. And so does not making any. So really, it is very much about the balance.

  • Look ahead and check out the big picture. Just like in real life, if you don’t consider what is coming in the future and don’t aim in the right direction, you might surprisingly bump into an obstacle and die.

  • Don’t give up! Even when you think you are losing, you might be able to get a hold of some extra time or another boost or even reach the next level half-dead and suddenly come back to life.

Are we the only ones who think this game is tricky and not easy at all? Gamers: we challenge you to test your skills and nerves playing Lifeslide! The official release of the game will be on Steam on 6 August. Game on!

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