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Kevin "Thrasher"

Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft is an American record producer, a songwriter, a mixer, and a virtuoso guitarist. He is currently the lead guitarist of the rock band Escape the Fate. Most recently he co-produced their record “I Am Human” which debut at #1 on iTunes Rock and Metal Charts. He’s toured all over the world and worked with many major notable artists in and out of the studio. He is a session guitarist in Los Angeles and has played on a multitude of major label records. He has toured extensively throughout the world in with such bands as Lovehatehero (Ferret / WMG) and Escape the Fate (DGC / Interscope). While he was in Lovehatehero, they recorded their first full length record with producer Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Kelly Clarkson, Social Distortion). In 2009, they recorded a full length record with Leah Haywood and Daniel James at Dreamlab (Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale). Recently, in the fall/winter of 2011, Thrasher toured with Escape the Fate playing in front of 20 000+ people a night. 


Kenny Rosales is an experienced leader specializing in brand management. Through his work with Slumerican, an independent music label specializing in hip-hop founded by Yelawolf (formerly signed recording deal with Eminem), he has been exposed to many facets of the music industry including album creation, marketing, touring, music video creation, television show development, brand development, as well as online and retail merchandising. As Vice President of Operations, he is responsible for coordinating with various department heads to develop business strategies, budgets, and production goals which ensure the highest level of business performance. He is currently working with Yelawolf, DJ Paul, Bubba Sparxxx, and more.


Justin Aufdemkampe is an American producer, a songwriter, a mixer and an engineer from Dayton, Ohio. One of the founding members and long time guitarist of metal quintet Miss May I, Justin has traveled all over the world playing many major festivals, clubs and arenas over the last decade.



Atanas Neychev is a technology journalist, a content creator and a community builder. He is a co-founder of SlavConf. and Artineraire. He is working on various initiatives and projects contributing to the creative industry in Eastern Europe. A TEDx organizer and a casual gamer. He has been writing lyrics for music since 2011 and he is the founder of the Bulgarian Student Lyrics Competition (2016-2019).


Hristo Penchev is the founder and owner of UAC Management, an independent music management company established in the United Kingdom, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, lecturer, and a figure with a proven media profile, certified by multiple appearances on numerous traditional and digital media outlets. He is an industry professional with significant experience in the different spheres of the music business. This experience results from an on-going and continuous diversified operational activity with a noticeable success rate, including collaborations with a variety of high-level entertainment business participants. Penchev specializes in artist development, PR, branding, traditional and digital marketing, career strategizing, audience targeting, monetization, media networking, and every other aspect of the process of development and improvement of an artist’s career.


Better Understanding

For the last four years we have been analyzing the music industry and its development in Eastern Europe. We want to illustrate music in a unique way that innovates. Learn all business methods, ideas and practices.

Introducing the insides of the music business.

What we did

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Participating in the National Student Competition for Songwriting (2016-2019)


Our community is involved in songmaking. One is recorded in London.

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Targeted Audience
Students, musicians, music lovers, lyricists and singers.

We mix all in one solution for the complex needs of the community and industry.

Education is in the core of the project.



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Contact person: Lilia Ivanova

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