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Let’s Make Data Sexy

Hamza Bouhouch presented his work in data analytics and attempted to make data “sexy” and therefore, explain why it is important for people to understand data and implement it in their business and life.

His lecture was key to the conference, given the vast importance of data for society for three main reasons:

  •       Understanding data is of great importance for every business – data is the most widely searched information
  •       The collection of data is the foundation of a huge amount of businesses in each field
  •       The lack of data is able to cause some of the biggest issues globally

Hamza started his reflection by outlining the definition of “sexy” to be able to further investigate how data can be more attractive even for those who don’t understand how to benefit from it. In his words:

“When the term “sexy” refers to people, for example, it’s a very instinctive feeling, but when it’s about an abstract concept like data, it’s a lot harder to tell what “sexy” is. So if you go by the definition, it’s the ability to receive interest and to be attractive.”

He explained the market for data is very wide and positions related to data analytics are attractive because of the variety of services in the field and the fact that employees are usually able to work remotely, which has lately become one of the most important benefits. Those are some of the factors that, according to Hamza, made the data scientist’s job the sexiest job of 2022.

Data is nowadays everywhere and a huge part of our everyday life is defined by it, whether we want it or not. Hamza presented some study cases which demonstrate we all use data everyday, even if we don’t realize it. We collect data about our environment, we put it into context and we base our life decisions on it. He also added that successful enterprises nowadays like YouTube, Google or Spotify are leaders on the market because they are data-oriented:

“Spotify is really a good example and what is interesting is that it is not the first streaming platform for music and it’s not the last. But it is now the number one streaming platform for music and the reason is that they are really focused on data.”

So, do creative businesses need it?

Hamza presented three main problems that impede the development of creative businesses nowadays.

  1. Saturated markets:

“A lot of companies are popping up everywhere. The internet is a beautiful thing that manages to connect people from all over the world. But that also means that there is a lot of talent from everywhere and it gets much harder to make your voice heard. In this saturated market data plays a very strong role.”

  1. Less time available:

“This is mostly on the consumer side. TikToks for example are great, but now the attention span of people is 10-15 seconds and if you are not able to capture that span, it is very hard to convey an important message to the audience.”

  1. Limited budgets:

“It’s definitely something many creative businesses are keeping into account. Money is not unlimited. No one can predict with 100% certainty that a creative business or a piece of art is going to perform well or that it is going to be viral. But lowering that risk and making sure that only the best work is put forward is what a lot of businesses are now interested in.”

According to Hamza, data is the way to get faster to your audience, because what it can do is take a simple idea and scale it to a big project. Data could be used on multiple occasions to uncover information about people’s needs and behaviours in a precise way. It could give businesses extra power to perform actions they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

Read the full material in the upcoming Impact Report 2022

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