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Each year SlavConf gathers established professionals of various fields of the creative industry for an annual conference where they share ideas, discuss global issues and give career advice to aspiring creators and university students. And even though they all come from different backgrounds and countries, many successful people express strongly their opinion about mentorship. Most of them shared one of the biggest advantages they had when starting their professional career was having dedicated mentors who shared their knowledge and helped them develop skills, learn insights of the industry, establish professional connections, showcase their talent and pursue their creative dreams. 

In 2020 the COVID pandemic led us to the idea of launching our Mentorship program for young people who want to pursue content creation and event development. Each edition of the program gathers a small group of young international students who attend weekly virtual sessions where they learn about cultural management, digital tools, graphic design, business communication, creative industry insights, research strategies, leadership and more. 

Event Developer 2020/03

Advanced Program

Getting ready 2021/04

Creative Industry & Cultural Management Program

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