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TEDxLozenets Was Highly Appreciated By Attendees

TEDxLozenets was highly appreciated by the audience and speakers. The score of the official TEDx Attendee Survey is 9.4/10.

We are happy and greatful to everyone who attended TEDxLozenets: New Wave for their outstanding feedback! Our team is truly touched!

The TEDx Attendee Survey helps you gather candid feedback about event from the audience. Our community’s comments motivate and inspire our team, and lead to creative ways to improve the attendee experience.

The survey asks our guests one question: “How likely are you to recommend this TEDx event to a friend or colleague?” Attendees select a number anonymously between 0 and 10 and are given additional space to explain why they chose the score they did – they might comment on the curation, the speakers, or how the event was managed.

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