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The Future of CV: Myths

The Future of CV

In December we discussed the future of the CV and how the hiring process is changing. We asked a number of questions to 200 people about the myths of CV. Our panelists shared their experience analyzing every myth.


  1. Can you cheat the HR tech?

Audience: They will cheat the HR tech.
Panelists: It is not recommended.

       2. Video is the new format

Audience: No, but it is acceptable.
Panelists: No, nobody has time to watch your video.

       3. The one-pager is the best CV

Audience: No, more pages.
Panelists: Yes, but it needs to be on track.

       4. New CV for every application

Audience: One CV is just fine.
Panelists: Yes, it is recommended.

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