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29 - 30 October 2021 Online

Slavconf. reinforcement

Let’s reinforce the creative industry together! And celebrate our 5th anniversary!

5th Anniversary

The Beginning

In 2017 the first edition of the conference was held at the Aula Magna of the Sofia University. The conference was accredited by the Faculty of Slavic Studies as the career forum of the faculty. The event is evolving and changing since then, but the series of events have kept their original name.

Our Mission

We are organizing events to create value and opportunities for the ecosystem. Our mission is to make information about career and creative development more accessible and to make awareness about all business-related activies to the arts and culture. 

International Community

Over the past years, the speakers of the events came from all over the world. In 2020’s edition we had visitors from more than 15 countries. We are engaging specialized (niche) and interest-based audiences. 

Bringing together the creative industry's best forward thinking innovators

Short News

25 June

Creative Internships Increasingly Exploit Interns

24 June

Product Designers Are In Demand

20 June

Music Licensing Platforms Are Thriving Globally

Culture &

We are developing a global community for creative industry and cultural management. SlavConf. is a mediator presenting and analysing all paths of the arts, culture & creative industry.


& 20 more

Virtual Exhibition

In February we started collecting applications from artists to participate in a virtual exhibition on our website. The concept is original and open to all art forms.

Future of B2B Hybrid Events
Research Consultants

TEDx Events & Initiatives
Experienced Organizers

Mentorship Program

During the first lockdown in Bulgaria, we developed a mentorship program that aims to improve the environment, digitalization and adaptation of creative industry’s specialists and event developers. The group sessions have been booked until January 2022. You can check the availability for one-on-one sessions on the program’s page.