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27 Feb 2021, 20:00 EEST



Vlad Neykov is a Lead Graphics Test Engineer within the R&D department of Unity Technologies, working on new graphics features. Prior to joining Unity, he has been a technical artist for various games. Vlad is passionate about anything pixel-related and an advocate for the digital creative fields.

Nikky LYLE

Nikky Lyle is a creative recruiter with conscience, with 10 years experience in the industry. She’s also Founder of The Good Gang, Vice President of Hope for Post Quarantine and President Judge for D&AD 2020.

During lockdown she started running a series of talks called Industry Leaders, with industry legends from Spotify, Vayner Media, Nike, DesignStudio, Pentagram, Wolff Olins, Rosie Lee, Jelly London, Handsome Frank and Bulletproof.

Nikky has also recently released carefully constructed CV, portfolio and freelance guides, created with a mini team of freelancers, which have been created by creatives for creatives. They’ve received rave reviews being described as “truly illuminating”, “absolute gems”, “beautifully designed” and an “absolute treat to read through”.

Elliott STARR

Elliott Starr is a Senior Copywriter at Creative Company 20something. During his career, Elliott’s worked at award-winning agencies and made award-winning work. He’s also made extensive efforts to help aspiring creatives break into the advertising industry.

With a simple philosophy of “make things that change things”, Elliott’s work has helped recovering addicts get free formal wear for job interviews and drive stem-cell donations for people with blood cancer. His work also helps to inspire kindness, and teach children to wash their hands to NHS standards during the UK’s 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

Elliott’s most recent project is Another Tee


Lilia Ivanova is an architect, event manager and content creator. She is a Co-Founder of SlavConf. and Artineraire. She has been organizing business events for the creative industry and participated in various award-winning projects.



Atanas Neychev is a technology journalist and community builder, Co-Founder of SlavConf. and Artineraire. He is working on various initiatives and projects contributing to the creative industry in Eastern Europe. 


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