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Sofia Time Title Speaker
15:30 Building a Career in the Emirates Ketaki Sharma
Founder, Algorithm Research
(United Arab Emirates)
16:00 When Does Your Leadership Journey Start? Seun Emmanuel
Writer & Project Manager
16:30 Institutional Internships Hristian Daskalov
Executive Director, National Student House
17:00 Internships to Reach the Space Bart Kevers
Satellite System Engineer, EnduroSat
17:30 The Rise of Self-Internships Atanas Neychev
Co-Founder & Program Manager, Artineraire
18:00 Design Internships Decoded Pete Brady
Founder & Creative Director, Misfit Creative
(United Kingdom)

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The Internship Fair is conceived to help students start their career path by connecting them with organizations who can offer internships and training. The aim is to facilitate industry leaders who are eager to grow their own talent by accommodating all participants with an easy to use custom-built event platform. Students will be able to join the event for free, have access to presentations, lectures, discussions and interviews where they can learn about career opportunities in different sectors. They will also be able to browse through internship offers, resources, virtual spaces and to engage in networking sessions.


Our mission is to revitalize internships, empowering students with real-world experience and providing industries with fresh ideas and potential leaders. We're advocating for the need of transforming internships from mere tradition to meaningful engagements, nurturing talent and fostering business growth. During the event, we aim to showcase the best practices, highlighting innovative models and strategies that stimulate success, creativity, and mutual benefit for students and the industry.


SlavConf has a rich tradition of forging remarkable opportunities for students and young professionals, acting as a powerful bridge between academia and the business world. The Internship Fair is the first event of the series with special focus on promoting internship programs, part-time, remote and summer opportunities, etc. During the day of the Fair, participating organizations will be able to showcase their openings and explain their specific requirements, to recruit and meet students via the virtual stage, networking spaces, direct messages and other resources.

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