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SlavConf 6


28 - 29 OCTOBER 2022

An event for creative industry and pop culture
with a tech twist

Why we're betterflexiblefresher

Virtuality & Creative Industry

Join our digital experience to talk about the virtuality of the creative industry. Technology will be the key element of the event. Good for you, art tech lovers!

New Jobs in the Creative Industry

During the last 5 years, we are collecting information about the career changes and the new offers in the creative development and the popular culture. Let's talk about the fresh new careers and the future of the creative industry.

Finance & Creators

Where is the money, honey? How many ways do you have to earn as a creators? How to choose the one and only niche platform to do what you love? Find the answers with us.

One step ahead

Explore the creative process

Passionate about solving problems of the creative industry.


Education in the Creative Industry


Business Sustainability Strategies


The New Client

Because of the last year's edition

The Case Study:
SlavConf Reinforcement

Yes, it is not the Impact Report

Donal Macintyre

Martha Diaz

Brad C. Hodson

Points <br>of view
25+ experts

Gathering people from different locations to analyze the main issues of the creative development

Technology<br>as a problem
Let's talk about it

It doesn't matter if you are an investigative journalist, a horror writer or a hip-hop artist, technologies are difficult to understand. And this is a huge problem

Virtual<br> life
Ready or not?

Almost every advice on how to reinforce the creative industry was to better prepare for the virtual world

Any questions

Don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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