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A series of events about creative industry and pop culture
Who are we?

Who are we?

Community & Event Platform

Community & Event Platform



Who are we?

Our mission is to build a functional community and help young professionals establish beneficial connections, find career opportunities, get informed about the current issues of the industries and take part in the process of solving some of the urgent problems globally.

Our series of events focus on the creative industry, pop culture and cultural management. In its 6-year long history, our annual conference SlavConf has been set on creating value and opportunities for the ecosystem. Our mission is to make information about career and creative development more accessible and to increase awareness about all business-related activities to the arts and culture sectors.

We have been developing community events helping people from Europe to pursue their career in scriptwriting, film and TV, customer support, gaming, IT, journalism and content creation, artist management, etc.

Community and Event Platform

The Marketplace

We are a thriving community of diverse individuals unified by our shared interests and values. We’ve cultivated a vibrant virtual environment where thought-leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts come together to explore, learn, and inspire each other.

Our community and event platform hosts a variety of events, from conferences and engaging guest stream events to interactive workshops and networking sessions. It is an all-in-one hub for connectivity and knowledge exchange, designed to foster meaningful interactions and shared experiences.

Step into our dynamic virtual spaces. Participate in live discussions, share your thoughts in real-time, and be part of the pulse of the SlavConf community.

Through live messaging, our platform offers the chance to interact, collaborate, and form connections that transcend geographical barriers.


SlavConf was born in 2017 in Sofia University as a career forum and an international gathering for students and creatives looking to extend their knowledge and career opportunities, to meet like-minded professionals and participate in inspiring discussions.

Since then we have been developing the community in establishing a global gathering featuring some of the most forward-thinking innovators in the various fields of the creative industry. Nowadays, the event is entirely in English and virtual, partnering with global organisations, communities, universities, schools and more.

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