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noun: a marked effect or influence.
verb: have a strong effect on someone or something.

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"Being funny is not the same as being a good comedy writer. You can tell great jokes when you are hanging out with your friends and be a very, very bad writer. Because, in fact, the most brilliant comedians are not funny people in real life. And I thought a lot about this. Why is that? Because I think you need some kind of tragic feeling of life. Because good comedy always comes from the drama."
Alberto Caballero
CEO, Contubernio Films

Keynote Lecture on Character Development given at SlavConf. Pathways 2020

"In some way writers are a mirror that shows terrible things, which can be used as social commentary to reveal or look at how people feel right now about the world and what they are afraid of."
Erinn L. Kemper
Short Story Expert

From Dark Literature Panel, SlavConf. Pathways 2020

"One of the things that interrupts the business in international landscapes or the connection with investors is the lack of understanding of business timing."
Sergio Espinosa Rivera
Innovation Venture Builder

From Perspectives of a Business Quest, SlavConf. Pathways 2020

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