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25 Feb 2021

Character Podcasts All Over The Net

The latest trend in creating podcasts is the fictional character as the host. The alter ego is a good strategy to break into the music industry. The trend is developing strongly in North and South America, but is still not so popular in Europe.

24 Feb 2021

Film Poster Design Won't Be The Same

Designers specializing in making movie posters are currently being contracted for different projects (London, Warsaw, etc.). But the current format of the movie poster will change dramatically, with much of the offerings in the business networking communities requiring motion graphics and 3D.

23 Feb 2021

Luxury Fashion Magazines Open New Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Luxury fashion magazines are the first media brands under the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) license agreements. The media group will open new opportunities for the creative industry in the region for writers, photographers, stylists, designers, etc. 

22 Feb 2021

The Best Place To Sell Your Paintings Is France

France is the best country in Europe to sell your artworks. According to our research Drawing in Numbers, the average price per painting at France is higher than €3000

21 Feb 2021

Does Tik-Tok Make The Trends In Music?

According to podcasters and video content creators from Europe, the best solution for a new artist or a song promotion is Tik-Tok. Paid music promotions on the platform could make a possible trend with the benefit of million views. But not every song is suitable for the viral campaigns and usually those artists who make viral content are creating their own genre – “Tik-Tok music”. Does Tik-Tok make the trends in music? No.

20 Feb 2021

Digital Platforms Made Corporate Animation Cheaper

Many job were created during the pandemic. Several freelancing platforms have increased their number of users and opened up an international market for many people. The cost of corporate animation has dropped because video marketing has become a major tool. 

19 Feb 2021

No More Loopholes In The Digital Copyright Law

Germany wants to change the copyright law and the relations between authors, users and web platforms. According to many sources (Der Standard, EU News, etc.), the new guidelines are going to be implemented during this summer. Content creators are confused (YouTube, Reddit, etc.), but the new draft suggests that they will benefit from it and probably have more ways to profit from the platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.). Music and text owners won’t be harmed anymore because of the loopholes.

18 Feb 2021

Brexit: Creative Industry Is "Like An Afterthought"

During a debate the minister of culture in the UK rejected the idea of a visa-free for artists. Social networks are trending and the UK government is accused in disrespecting one of the biggest parts of the UK economy.   

17 Feb 2021

Cultural Events Will Be Prioritized In Finland

Many cultural and creative industry events would be organized in Finland for the next summer. According to the local media (Helsinki Times, Nord, etc.), cultural events will be a priority for the country and the reason is the voice of artists worrying about the lack of sustainability of the events industry in the current times.

17 Feb 2021

Web Platform For Textile Helping Designers

Brand new innovation hub for the fashion industry will be open to help designers learning the culture, history and colors of textiles. The hub is based in the Philippines and it will be also a startup incubator and a co-working space. According to the social media, the main purpose of the web platform is to connect designer making innovative textile products.

16 Feb 2021

Beware Of Fake Business Opportunities For Women

Facebook groups for female entrepreneurs are luring members with promises of business and networking opportunities. In reality, the members are expected by the rules to give more than they take from these groups. Instead of business leads and partnerships, women only get meaningless content and product offers by the owners of the groups.

15 Feb 2021

The Growth Of Nigerian Photography

The local companies are investing in the Nigerian creative industry. The major universities will use the injection for growing the creative market in the region. Several organizations have announced photography competitions on international level.

14 Feb 2021

Bollywood Investing In Masterclasses

In Bollywood some companies have opened several masterclasses in cinematography, scriptwriting and VFX. According to the social media in India, many professionals are leaving the country. The master classes will motivate them to stay. Film festivals usually offer similar trainings, but now all of them have been postponed.

13 Feb 2021

Magazines Turning Into Books

There are many ways to tell stories. Мany magazine publishers have opted for books that tell the story in more details without taking away the experience of reading a magazine. “Thick magazines” or “bookazines” (CNN, etc.) will change the habits of the readers.

12 Feb 2021

3D Artists Are In High Demand In Asia

Industrial designers and model makers are in high demand in Asia. Some of the positions are brand new roles with very specialized requirements and more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing. It’s a common trend for career change by architects and engineers.

11 Feb 2021

Global Livestreaming Platforms In Development

World renowned companies are investing in new livestreaming platforms specializing in creative industry. The lockdown ending predictions are only in harm of the business and most of the creative products. The solution and alternatives are in development changing the experience. 

11 Feb 2021

Music Labels For Sale

Several US-based music labels are aquired by other entertainment industry companies. The trend has reached Europe – more and more studios and music companies are on the market at the moment. It’s not only a good time to join a label, but to buy one as well.

10 Feb 2021

Expanding The Art Education

Innovative solutions for improving and expanding art education include short master’s programs and specialized digital tutoring courses for teachers. Many people are adapting with more than two cameras for teaching in practical arts, but the majority of the experts in sculpture or fine arts still find it difficult to adapt to the digital transformation.

09 Feb 2021

The "$1 Home Concept" Is Great For The Creative Industry

The concept of houses in Italy, which cost 1 dollar, has conquered news sites around the world. In fact, the price of these properties is much higher, but this solves other problems in Italy. The restoration of the buildings creates jobs for architects, since in Italy there are many architects (based on our research), but there is not enough work for everyone.

08 Feb 2021

Lack Of Camera Specialists Making Local Newsrooms To Close

According to our research, the most wanted position by newsrooms and TV channels is the cameraperson. Numerous programs for video shooting have been launched in the United States, Australia and Asia to promote the craft to younger people.

07 Feb 2021

No More Trendy YouTube Scriptwriting Jobs

According to our research Scriptwriting in Numbers, the majority of scriptwriting jobs in the beginning of 2020 have been offered by companies managing YouTube channels. Now YouTube writing opportunities are difficult to find and instead of looking for writers, content creators are in demand of moderators and social media managers. 

06 Feb 2021

Joyfull Illustrations Are In Demand Internationally

Local campaigns with COVID-warning messages have set the stage for a mass search for joyfull illustrations. Another reason for this is the demand for illustrators for children’s books. Many children’s books with positive illustrations are expected to dominate the market within a few months.

05 Feb 2021

Building New Creative Hubs On Top Of The Old Ones

Balkan region could have many hubs in the near future. Special attention is being paid to the creative industry, as in development are innovative centers to help young artists and entrepreneurs. The planned hubs will be funded by EU projects. 

04 Feb 2021

We Are Going To Hear A Lot About Lockdown Photography

The habits and faces of people, the shapes of the crumbs on the table or the experiments with UV light in all rooms at home –  could be defined as lockdown photography. Empty streets, the variety of terraces’ activities and other factors make many professional photographers happy. We can definitely say that the lockdown will be a period in the history of photography.

03 Feb 2021

Ebook Price Is Rising Due To A Year Of Losses

The rising of ebooks prices is important to the publishers. Libraries and universities have major issue because of the contracts or no-contact relations with publishers and receive complaints by students for the current price increase (UK, US, India, etc.). Hardcopies might be a more beloved and cheaper option. Also only a few publishers will take the risk of printing in large numbers at the moment. The solution is somewhere between sustainable earnings and a better digital culture. 

02 Feb 2021

Masks - From Necessity To Aesthetic Expression

The need for masks will last a long time. Film productions and events do not allow their employees to be without a mask, even after a negative test. The branding of masks started a long time ago, but the mania for aesthetics and personalization will add a new page in the fashion industry. Popular examples are mask-music-players and mask-microphones, which will soon be the new exquisite look among streamers and performers.

01 Feb 2021

Architectural Trends In January 2021

According to our research based on the current trends in the architectural industry, the most popular trend is still the pursue of sustainability in all its variations (climate positive design, tiny architecture, 3D printing, biomimetic architecture, etc.). Among the other favoured topics in January 2021 are pandemic-living, floating architecture, textile architecture, brutalist architecture, etc. Most of the ongoing concepts aren’t new to the world, but are currently discussed as a reoccurring trend.

31 Jan 2021

The Contemporary Jobs In The Creative Industry

3D user interfaces and human-computer interaction, brand exposure and seamless services are the most requested job description keywords of January 2021. XR designers and personal brand specialists are in demand. The popularity around art monitoring and virtual interactivity is growing with attempts to improve the permorming arts sector.

30 Jan 2021

Latin America To Export Audiovisual Products

Exporters from the creative industry are opening markets and they are looking for more international buyers for Latin American products. Most audiovisual and digital marketing products come from Brazil and Colombia. Exporters plan to reach closer markets of the western hemisphere and probably will not export as much to Europe as in the last few years.

29 Jan 2021

Multiculturalism In The Modern Ceramics Market

In Asia, the interest in ceramics is growing and there are many training opportunities. The trainings usually offer classes for creating multicultural art products with traditional and non-traditional techniques. The increased interest is complemented by the large number of ceramic exhibitions and funds (South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.).

28 Jan 2021

Why Do Creatives Choose Andorra Over Their Homeland?

Andorra is the “new home” of many YouTubers, livestreamers and digital artists, because of the good standard and especially for the low income tax rate of 10%. The profits have increased by changing their location. Other countries in Europe with low income tax rates are Bulgaria, Malta, Montenegro, etc.

28 Jan 2021

Writing User-Generated Content Will Change Journalism

The story-hungry society will create its own stories, and journalist are going to sift through the auto-generated information (Facebook News, etc.). The full picture of the big content creators is presented in a futuristic form of journalism, which may remain entirely on a subscription basis. Could journalistic content and quality information be an even more expensive luxury? Yes, it will be.

27 Jan 2021

Virtual Reality Film Festivals - Why Not?

The current situation calls for non-standard measures to be taken and the struggle for originality and innovation among film festivals is massive. The concept of a festival with virtual reality is the most common, but hardly every visitor will receive a VR set by mail. Also, how many of the movies will be comfortable to watch in cyberspace. We will see.

26 Jan 2021

Film Industry Still On Life Support By Content Recycling In 2021

The major film and TV show titles being currently announced include adaptations and remakes of key productions from the past decades. Despite of the big demand for original stories, the better opportunities for screenwriters are still in the field of rewriting content. The originals of most recycled materials date from the 1900s.

26 Jan 2021

The Role Of Memes In Education

In debate is the role of memes in education as design communities discuss their imposition in schools. The next generation is getting used to the internet pop culture and the proposal is creatives to develop a way to insert memes into the learning process. Most comments on the subject are negative and the idea is considered to be reckless.

25 Jan 2021

Virtual Exhibitions Could Save The Young Creatives In Europe

Young creatives have been hit hard by the pandemic. Websites have started organizing virtual exhibitions for artists, which will become more frequent. In January virtual galleries submissions are open in Wales, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

24 Jan 2021

Female-Focused Platforms Are A Trend In The United Kingdom

Many UK-based female-focused platforms for art and business has been created in 2021. The platforms follow the concept of emotional support breaking the taboos of women. The communities, also known as “cubes” or “peer groups“, use the most common social networks (Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.). 

23 Jan 2021

EU "Digital Tax" And The Creative Industry

“Digital tax” is in the works as well as potential European substitutes for Google, YouTube and Facebook. The European Union is planning a digital autonomy. The idea of the new reforms is that it would improve the economic situation for the creative sectors. 

23 Jan 2021

Huge Investment In The Korean Film Industry

South Korea has received several major investments in its film industry for new productions and in finding good stories (Netflix, Naver, etc.). 8 productions are under development and the creative teams of the producers are looking for new good scripts suitable for the local audience.

23 Jan 2021

In Search Of The New Impact Of Sound

New ways of sound interaction in galleries are being explored. Many projects by universities are ready and the researchers will analyze the impact of people in the digital environment and on-site, but the projects are focused on the impact of sound. 

22 Jan 2021

Digital Localization Will Boost The Search For Language Specialists

Localization is a popular business strategy and it is thriving at the moment. Language and culture are important for adapting to different local markets. Several sectors (e-commerce, retail, etc.) will increase the demand for language specialists. The effect marked the beginning of an increase in the creation of highly specialized digital localization agencies.

22 Jan 2021

Environment Artist Jobs In High Demand

According to our latest data on the job market in the creative industry, level artist and facial motion specialist are in significant demand at the moment. The minimum requirements are 2 years working in a creative environment and a bachelor degree.

21 Jan 2021

Digital Graphic Novels Could Be More Exclusive Than Usual

The business of publishing comics and graphics novels will be more exclusive than usual. The big publishing houses (DC, Marvel, etc.) are announcing new apps and customisable options for the digital readers. Changes are inevitable because much of the content is adapted to film and game, and digital exclusivity will help bookstores and satisfy the most avid collector of printed editions.

20 Jan 2021

Tokenization - Luxury Or Unwanted Alternative

Cryptocurrencies are used in the creative industry with expectations for various changes. Tokenization is actively used as a business model in IP rights, contract rights and security. Despite the frequent announcement of tokens in the entertainment industry, there is still no mass demand for specialists and the trend is only a luxury or unwanted alternative. The process will be long and it has started timidly.

19 Jan 2021

There Is An Increase In The Number Of Cultural Economy Events

Cultural economy events are being found more frequently in Asia. Due to the loses in the tourism and cultural management, many institutes and universities are organizing events on economic growth in the creative sectors. The results are still in progress. 

19 Jan 2021

Game Industry Is Growing: Record After Record

The game industry continues to grow. Records are broken like for the most watched gaming livestreams and the most registered gaming studios in one day or the most played game; and they are the most commented events on social networks (Australia, USA, Singapore, Germany, etc.). The popularity of the game industry will make them the biggest creative industry on the market.

18 Jan 2021

On-Demand Platforms Are Looking For New Ideas

Online platforms are looking for scriptwriters and fresh ideas for the mainstream audiences. Most of the job offers on the web (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.) describe “authors who can write for audience 26-35“. The production companies and platforms are trying to retain the mature audience.

17 Jan 2021

Overpromotion of Books Found New Entertainment Methods

Authors are promoting books as hosts of internet shows. The new concept has been started on YouTube and Twitter, but some specialized video platforms for entertainment and literature are in development. Overpromotion in the book industry is one of the best working strategies at the moment for self-published authors. The internet hosts are mimicking the rules of famous TV shows to award the audience with their book.

16 Jan 2021

Art Dealers Could Make The Private Museum A Trend

The pandemic has forced many people to sell family relics and valuable antiques. Art dealers are opening private galleries and it is no coincidence that the theme is “Family” and most of the antiques are from small communities and even tribes. 

15 Jan 2021

The Summer Internships Are Open For Application

World-renowed creative industry enterprises opened their internship programs for applications. Due to the situation most of the opportunities are going to be fully remote. The most common requirement, according to our research, is to be enrolled in a degree program. Music companies are increasingly looking for interns at the moment.  

14 Jan 2021

Self-Taught Designers Oversaturate The Market Due To A Massive Career Change

More and more self-taught designers are looking for a place in the creative industry. The increase is due to the demand for designers and administrators of social networks with simple requirements only to edit images. Social media design is the most common field of choice for a career change because university degrees are not required, the work and the learning process are done quickly. Major changes in higher education are unavoidable because of this massive career change.

13 Jan 2021

Back To The 1970s Or The New Era Of Theatre

Virtual theatre was a very interesting concept in 2020, but the main issue is the monetization. The second issue is the declined television play which won’t help the theatre to evolve. There is a hope for the new era of the theatre and it’s a time for adaptation and technology improvement.

12 Jan 2021

Attention: Respect Your Work

Series of shady hiring interviews and tricky business proposals are lurking freelancers to send their work for free. These “innocent” scams are frequent in Eastern Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania with many examples on social networks). They can cause a serious damage to the creative industry. Think twice before sending!

11 Jan 2021

The Pixel Art And The Street Culture

The pixel art is mostly used in the digital world. Nowadays it is used as a daily part of the street art culture. Pixels are the new trend in several big cities and they are a part of the concept of many art installations.

10 Jan 2021

Games Are Getting More Expensive

The AAA exclusive titles and the counts of the new players are making the games more expensive. Gaming community platforms (Steam, Twitch, local and international communities) announced the numbers for 2020. The number of new consumers is growing, but the game development professionals are hard to find. In that case games are getting more expensive.

09 Jan 2021

Creative Industry Hubs Designed To Save Tourism

Creative hubs around the world are being created to save tourism. The mission is to improve the local cultural entrepreneurship, to promote more arts opportunities and to increase tourist visits. This will open more opportunities for international projects [Indonesia, Ukraine, Canada, etc.].

09 Jan 2021

Enforcing The Concept Of Digital Project

At the end of the semester many students are enforcing the digital project concept as their final assessment. Denying the technology as a respect of the traditional methods will stay back in the last decade. Because of the [still current] situation the way creative industries work is changing rapidly. But the students and universities are adаpting and social networks are filled with digital fashion collections, smartphone short films, etc.

08 Jan 2021

History Of The Creative Industry Calendar

The best month for award ceremonies is definitely February; if you make a simple search for the major festivals and ceremonies and their transition though the years choosing to the second month for their official date. Last year the TED community created a research on the event industry. We developed and expanded the results and the best months for creative industry events are February, May and October. 

07 Jan 2021

3D Interior Design Is Trending

The digital transformation is pushing many businesses to hire new roles. 3D interior designers are the new target for the real estate, fashion, event management and entertainment. According to our researches there are more than 30000 job offers for 3D Designer today and only 15000 last year.

07 Jan 2021

Online Thefts Of Unpublished Books Are Increasing

Special attention should be paid to the increasing cybercrimes to products from the creative industry. It is mandatory to check the publisher or company to which you intend to send your unpublished work. Scammers try to trick authors as mimic branches or representatives of publishers or film studios. 

06 Jan 2021

The Talk About Cancel Culture

The hysteria for tolerance gave birth to the cancel culture and the results are the censorship or cancellation of many movies, series, TV shows, public figures and places. In the fresh beginning of 2021, there is more and more talk about the called imaginary “cancel culture” (Rowan Atkinson, Eminem, Dua Lipa, etc.). The unclear and unwanted rules of self-censorship and the fear of liking certain people will do real damage to the creativity and the desire of creating, even the worst – killing the comedy slowly.

05 Jan 2021

Brexit: Petition For Visa-Free Permit for Artists And Crew

Brexit will change many activities and one of them is music touring. Many bands and promoters postponed their concerts because of Brexit. In 2021 there are new rules which artists and crew could be subject to additional costs and documents. But the musician and video director Tim Brennan set up a petition called “Seek Europe-wide Visa-free work permit for Touring professionals and Artists“. This work permit is going to have an impact on the industry at the UK and the members of the European Union. If you are a British citizens or UK residents, you can sign it here.

04 Jan 2021

China Has The Largest Film Market

The entertainment platform Maoyan teamed up with social media platform Weibo to jointly release the 2020 China Film Market Report. The report shows that China’s total box office revenue reached RMB20.417 billion (€2.568 billion) in 2020, making it the largest film market in the world for the first time.

04 Jan 2021

Sarcasm Is The Theme Of The Top Videos of 2020

Video-sharing platforms and social networks shared their statistics on the most viewed videos of 2020. The main theme of the top videos presents an irony about the pandemic situation and virtual life in the best sarcastic way possible. It is kind of expected in 2020 to look for a good laughter.

03 Jan 2021

Torrents Are The New (Old) Promotion Method For Creators

According to the search data on the torrent tracker Zamunda, the top torrents are downloaded approx. 6 000 000 times each. In their thirst for notability and appreciation, artists are looking for creative ways to promote their products. Independent filmmakers have been using this trend for a long time, but strategies are increasingly expanding. Many creators of movies, video games and other products are taking advantage of the already built traffic of the torrent trackers, incorporating it as part of their marketing campaigns as publishing documentaries and other goodies, but not the official products.

03 Jan 2021

The Lack Of Digital Monetization Culture

Nowadays being digital means that you need a digital solution for monetization. There are many cultural organizations, especially on local levels, that failed on their attempt to digital transformation, mostly because there is a lack of culture for making money online. Even if streaming platforms are increasing their traffic with 20% (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo), the most common solution is the gratuity model which is not applicable with many forms of art and performances. The music industry is adapted successfully using conventional streaming methods, but the digital monetization culture is not yet massive and there is a lot of work in this crosspoint industry unit.

02 Jan 2021

Voice AI Will Be The Gaming Trend Of 2021

The interactive gaming is still in progress to improve the experience and it will try to bring the standard gameplay closer to reality. Voice AI has already been tested with games that support voice interaction. More and more people at home started buying microphones and according to the e-shops data, the best selling technology items of 2020 are wireless small gadgets. This implies that it will be very convenient for the voice AI to enter because a lot of people prepare in advance and are setting it up by buying audio hardware.

02 Jan 2021

Could Galleries And Museums Be Forced To Stay Virtual In 2021?

Viewing and buying art will change in 2021. Forcing many galleries and musems to close and pushing collectors and experts to digital platforms is going to change the behaviour of all stakeholders in the art industry. Art professionals around the world are on the same page that the art spaces will bring back the physical form slowly and transformations are inevitable. 

02 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia Is Working To Be The Capital For Creativity In The Middle East

There is an urge of creativity and a desire of talent development in Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Ministry of Culture issued their first licenses to cultural education institutions to Music Home and aDawliah Music Training Centre. The Ministry is planing to lauch a platform for the creative industry, which is going to start receiving applications for scholarships programs. In addition to that, there is an open call for digital filmmakers and a roadmap for 10 years ahead. Saudi Arabia is making a move to improve the environment of the creative industry.

01 Jan 2021

Test Screening Revolution Around The World

The concept of a preview screening of a project showing it before its general release is switching to the online format. Many test screenings were postponed in 2020, but the revolution of this concept will be on the web. It will become a part of the new strategies of the movie & TV. The new “Mortal Kombat” movie is a great example for this new strategy, because after their first test screenings, the film crew re-shooted some scenes. 

01 Jan 2021

Literature On The Subject Of Epidemics Becoming Bestselling

Unfolding disaster was the theme of books that spoke explicitly to the present moment or to the epidemics in general. In 2020 many readers turned back to the classic literature. The bestselling books based on the global shops statistics (such as Hive, Amazon, Alibris, Booktopia, etc) presented their results for the last year showing a growth on sales of the fiction books themed on epidemics, politics and economy.

01 Jan 2021

22% Of The Creative Sector Facing Permanent Closure

British Council, Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the Art X Company partnered to create the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the creative economy in India. It is one of the few full detailed reports on the creative industry mapping. The results are gathered from the Government of India and freelancers from the related sectors.

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