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What Is the Ideal Job to Look For As a Graphic Designer?

Do you ask yourself where can you work as a graphic designer? Our new research might shed some light on the answer to this question. We took a closer look of the graphic design opportunities by examining 5000 job offers available in Q3 2020 in 30 major European job websites and the social network LinkedIn.

This might be surprising, but as we divided the job offers by field, it turns out that currently the IT industry offers 36,3% of the opportunities for graphic designers. Followed by the Gaming industry which covers 26,3% of the job listings. Less than 40% are separated between other, some might say more relatable, fields such as Advertising, Publishing, Media, etc.

No surprises in regard of the skills needed to work as a graphic designer. The software skills are the most important tool to be experienced at. Adobe Photoshop is the most frequently required software, appearing as a must in 32% of the job offers. It is followed by Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign with similar percentages.

As for the countries where it is more likely to find a job, Germany is the leading employer for Q3 2020 with 22,5% of the job listings, followed by the UK and France. For more insight into the Graphic Design market and opportunities, download our research Drawing in Numbers for free.

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