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How Much Does a Painting Cost?

Have you ever wondered how much does a painting cost? We decided to find out what the average pricing is around Europe and to illustrate the conclusions. After having examined over 200 000 paintings from private galleries and collections, that are currently for sale in different European countries, we calculated and included the results in our research Drawing in Numbers.

The average pricing of a painting depends on many factors such as its style, theme, size, author, region of production, etc. The country where it is being sold is an important factor, since the average prices are different ranging from as low as 30 to over 100 000. Even though the price of a single painting might be very high on some occasions, 43,7% of the paintings the research is based on, are at prices lower than 500 and only 0,3% of them have a price higher than 25 000.

The division of styles and themes also shows high amplitudes as for example 25,7% of the paintings we researched are defined as abstract while only 5,7% of them are realist. The division by country illustrates that in Bulgaria the average price is around 297 per painting while in France for example it is around 2894. For all results download our research Drawing in Numbers for free.

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