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Impact Report: SlavConf Reinforcement 2021

Since 2017 SlavConf has been a mediator which explores the career opportunities in the creative industry worldwide, showcases imagination and archives the development of pop culture. Conceived to portray the challenges, conditions and success stories of our time, the conference marked its 5th anniversary with the goal of bringing together creatives once again and addressing some of the most relevant issues currently in the industry.

In historical terms, periods of crisis are when important contributions to world culture have been made. It’s paradoxical that those are also the hardest times to realize creative work due to the necessity to direct effort and resources elsewhere. Regardless, the outcome of the conference has shown us that creative industry professionals are progressing and coming together to possibly solve fundamental issues and even though they are focussed in various fields and based on different continents, their problems are very much the same.

The annual Impact Report is an archival summary of the most valuable outcome of the conference and as each article is focussed on a unique topic and seems to be addressing a specific matter, they can be directed to any field of the creative industry and recap its current state. Problems of contemporary education, digitalization and inclusion have been pointed out as some of the main challenges we are facing nowadays.

Each edition of the event is created with the idea of succession and derives from the outcome of the previous ones. SlavConf Reinforcement was held in 2021 with discussions on tools and practices aimed at reinforcing creativity in its core. The debate on the ongoing issues will continue as we face the virtual era and analyze its vital tools. The keywords of what will be discussed next are derived from the present Impact Report: community building, business ethics, art management, freedom of speech, technology as a problem. SlavConf Virtuality will be held with the permanent goal of being a source of unique, exclusive and inaccessible information for industry professionals. The 6th edition of the conference will take place on 28 and 29 October 2022.


SlavConf Virtuality will be held at Marketplace in virtual format on 28th and 29th of October. This year we are focusing on technology and business ethics. You can register for free:

SlavConf is an annual international conference for creative industry and pop culture

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