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slavconf decipher

SlavConf Decipher Recap

The global creative and technological communities joined the seventh edition of SlavConf Decipher, the renowned international conference on May 26-27. 

We kicked off the conference with an opening note by Atanas Neychev.

Transformation of the Finance Role

Ekaterina Sourkova and Nikolay Boev, both integral parts of the Coca-Cola HBC team, discussed the transformation of the finance roles. With technology disrupting traditional finance structures, this session offered insights into the evolving landscape of finance.

The Dynamic Landscape of the Creative Industry

Dionna Dorsey, Co-Founder & CEO of Creative Ladder, shared her fresh perspective of the dynamic landscape of the creative industry. Dorsey’s expertise in this field is inspiring with novel concepts and ideas for navigating this ever-changing terrain.

Deciphering the Virtual DOM

Marc Backes, Developer Relations Lead at WeAreDevelopers, delved into the world of the Virtual DOM. This session catered to tech enthusiasts looking for a deeper understanding of this technology, crucial for creating efficient and interactive interfaces.

The Future of Employee Workplace Success: The Enabling Role of Digital Credentials

Jeff Dieffenbach from MIT shined a light on the future of employee workplace success. He focused on the enabling role of digital credentials, a subject of growing relevance as technology permeates the job market.

Immersive Future: Everything to be Created

Kowsheek Mahmood,  Senior Engineering Manager at Adobe, took attendees on a journey into the immersive future. Kowsheek’s unique perspective is sure to paint an enlightening picture of the creation process in an increasingly digital world.

Solving Educational Challenges through Creativity

The second day of SlavConf Decipher started with Michele Raggio, Project Manager at SeedScience. Michele explored how creativity can be utilized to solve educational challenges, a pertinent topic in today’s educational landscape.

Designing a Story for User-Centric Ecosystems

Design thinking expert Melda Göknel delved into designing stories for user-centric ecosystems. This is a critical area in a world where user experience plays a paramount role in product development and service delivery. 

Next-Gen Creatives: Opinions & Ideas

SlavConf Decipher also hosted a vibrant session featuring opinions and ideas from next-generation creatives around the world. The session included provocative dialogue on youth career pathways and how AI is involved in their life.

WebAR and Social AR – Pop Possibilities and Case-Examples

Frans Tihveräinen, the Co-Founder & CEO of flyAR, introduced participants to the world of WebAR and social AR, showcasing pop possibilities and case examples from the entertainment industry. Tihveräinen’s insight into these cutting-edge technologies will likely fuel more interest in augmented reality as a viable tool which we need to explore more.

How the Metaverse is Contributing to Humanity

Adam Johnson, an AI-generated speaker and Web3 Developer, took attendees into the mind-bending realm of the metaverses. Adam talked on how this concept contributes to humanity and will be an exciting exploration of new possibilities.

SlavConf Decipher 2023 stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between creative minds. Its agenda is filled with promising dialogues and presentations that are sure to leave attendees enlightened and inspired. As a free to attend event, it encapsulates the spirit of inclusivity and global cooperation, making it a must-attend for all intrigued by the intersection of creativity and technology.

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