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Impact Report: SlavConf Virtuality 2022

The annual Impact Report based on the 6th edition of SlavConf Virtuality has been published on the community and event platform SlavConf Marketplace. The Impact Report is an archival summary which is issued after each edition to recap the most valuable outcome of the conference. It can be downloaded for free by any registered user on Marketplace.

The 6th edition of SlavConf was held in 2022 with the subtitle Virtuality. As the creative industry has been massively influenced by digital tools over the past decades, naturally we have to include a technology twist into our agenda. In the last two years, the majority of the creative industry was forced to transform and adapt to the digital formats, making the transition in a very short time span. 

Most of the progress during the last decades in creative fields has been aided by technological solutions. A huge part of the IT industry is focused on developing tools for the creative industry and it’s become crucial that some of the insights of creativity are spelled out in order to make the best of technological advancement. And even though pop culture has become highly influenced by the digital age, there is one thing technology can never replace and that’s human creativity. 

The next edition of SlavConf will continue the debate on technological progress in the creative industry trying to decipher the past, the present and the future of the digital era. The keywords of what will be discussed next are deriving from the present Impact Report: artificial intelligence, hybrid talents, mentorship and succession, entrepreneurship, virtual recruitment, workforce analysis. Is art still perceived as a side hustle by the majority of people? SlavConf Decipher will be held with the permanent goal of being a source of unique, exclusive and inaccessible information for industry professionals. The 7th edition of the conference will take place on 26 and 27 May 2023.

Download for free and read the full materials in the Impact Report 2022

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