Evolution of Video Games with Shereef Morse & Abraham Morales

Shereef Morse and Abraham Morales from Tic Toc Games told us more about the evolution of video games and their project.

Game Review: Lifeslide

Are we the only ones who think this game is tricky and not easy at all? Gamers: we challenge you to test your skills and nerves playing Lifeslide! The official release of the game will be on Steam on 6 August. Game on!

E3 2021: Day 2 Recap

SQUARE ENIX showed the best content recycling showcase and Bethesda’s Redfall stole the show.

Building Brand Emotions with Elliott Starr

In this interview, Elliott Starr explains how he sees his work and what you need to know about brands, career in advertising and creative work. 

Alberto Caballero: Comedy Is Everywhere – It Is A Point of View

Alberto Caballero gave a lecture on “Character Development” at SlavConf. Pathways as a keynote speaker. Having thought a lot in Spain, we were happy to welcome him for his first lecture in English.