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TEDxLozenets: New Wave

TEDxLozenets was held on 15th May at the cosy hall of Networking Premium.

Speakers from various fields presented their ideas to the audience. TEDxLozenets was among the first in-person events for the year under the brand following all safety measures.

The event was opened by the social entrepreneur Sergio Espinosa Rivera, who revealed how to solve problems with social solutions. The PR expert and diplomat Maxim Behar told important stories about leadership, and the entrepreneur Emil Shekerdzhiiski provoked us not to trust our signature. Before the break, the healthy eating expert Jasmina Gevezieva presented how she turned her weaknesses into strength.

The guests enjoyed several RedBull products – CLASSIC, SUGAR FREE, RED and YELLOW.

After the break, the polyglot Alexander Dimitrov told us how to learn foreign languages ​​easily and quickly. The digital marketing expert Etien Yanev provoked every manager to hire a gamer. And the personal finance expert Stoyne Vassilev told us how 1,000,000 Bulgarians will become happier and richer.

In the end, all speakers took a joint photo with the organizers. The next edition of the event is looking for speakers. You will find more information on, a website created in partnership with the hosting and domain provider ICN.BG.

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