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SlavConf Virtuality Recap

SlavConf Virtuality was held on the community and event platform Marketplace which was recently launched and will provide monthly networking events and meetups for the community. Resources from events and research materials will also be available on the platform. Free registration is open here.

The conference opened on 28 October with a welcome note given by Kalin Dimtchev, the Country Manager for Bulgaria & Multi Country at Microsoft, who talked about technology and creativity and culture and how they blend together in Microsoft. He presented the career opportunities at Microsoft and shared his opinion on how to balance between being creative and being productive in the work environment and how to empower employees with the right tools.

The amazing demonstration of immersive art by Abdullah Ba Mashmos from Hakawati Studio and Backyard Experiential blew us away with his AR/VR projects and art installations. He also gave workflow guidelines for creatives and discussed the various tools for making 3D art.

Orion Kasama left the metaverse for the first time and joined us at SlavConf along with his creator Matteo Fanchin from Pigiama Kasama who showed us how the world of avatars is fusing with our world.

Hamza Bouhouch from DataReplies made data sexy! He demonstrated how powerful tools for data analysis could help any business.

Alistair Webster from Freelance Success revealed insides on calculating prices and negotiating with clients and investors.

Sead Ahmetovic, CEO and Co-Founder of WeAreDevelopers, made a talk on community building with impact. He shared how they developed the largest community for developers in Europe and gave tips to event developers.

The linguist, entrepreneur and founder of Amolingua and Lingo Plus – Ekaterina Matveeva made an amazing lecture on public speaking.

Brilliant insights of the music industry and market review was given by Wendy Day, hip hop consultant and mentor of 2Pac and Eminem. She shared useful information and advice for artists who are looking to accelerate internationally.

The segment about event management featured Nadya Krasteva and Paul Armstrong. Nadya Krasteva presented the overview of Startup Europe Week. She shared what impact their community has made in Europe and how startups can be part of the experience. Paul Armstrong, founder of HERE/FORTH and TBD Conference, answered questions related to events, technology and innovation.

Ana Portela and Kristina Dimitrova participated in the section about the fashion industry and technology. They gave tips on how to start in the fashion industry, NFTs, how to work with smaller brands, creative design and more. They also discussed fashion tech, fashion in video games and the sustainability of tokenization in fashion.

The future of recruitment is always a part of our agenda. This year it was covered by Antoana Evtimova, Talent and Culture Lead at Resolute Software. Based on her experience, she shared which tools recruiters should use nowadays and how the business culture has shifted over the past years.

SlavConf Decipher will be held on 26-27 May 2023

You can join the marketplace here:

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