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SlavConf 6 is Exploring Creativity and Impact Again on 28 and 29 October

The main topics SlavConf will focus on this year will be the development of the virtual world, the future of recruitment, practical skills in the various creative industries and the creation and development of communities.

The event will begin with an opening note given by Kalin Dimchev – Country Manager Lead in MC Region and Country Manager Bulgaria at Microsoft. 

Featured speakers include VR filmmaker and technology consultant Abdullah Mo Bashmos, space and Formula 1 data expert Hamza Bouhouch, creative director Alistair Webster, world-renowned public speaking expert Ekaterina Matveeva and more. 

Virtual influencer Orion Kasama, created by XR designer Matteo Fanchin, will leave the Metaverse for the first time and come to our world, where he will talk about avatars and virtual reality. 

The first day will end with a lecture by the legend Wendy Day – mentor of Eminem and 2Pac and a renowned music business consultant. 

The conference is free to attend and will take place on a custom-built platform. Registration is open here:

Full list of speakers:

Kalin Dimtchev – Keynote Speaker
Country Manager Lead in MC Region, Country Manager Bulgaria, Microsoft

Ekaterina Matveeva“Be Yoda. How to make the audience your hero”
Award-winning entrepreneur, multilingual linguist, founder of Amolingua 

Wendy Day“Got money? Funding your indie label or career”
Hip-hop consultant, mentor of 2Pac and Eminem

Sead Ahmetovic“Community building with impact”
CEO and Co-Founder of WeAreDevelopers

Alistair Webster“How to calculate the price of your work”
Creative director, marketing consultant and the founder of Freelance Success

Hamza Bouhouch“Let’s make data sexy”
CEO and founder of DataReplies, space data and F1 data specialist

Abdullah Ba Mashmos“Immersive art for dummies”
Founder of Hakawati Studio and award-winning VR expert

Matteo Fanchin“Discover the world of avatars”
Founder and XR Designer at Pigiama Kasama B.V. 

Orion Kasama“Discover the world of avatars”
Virtual influencer created by Matteo Fanchin 

Ana Paula Portela – “Fashion industry and technology
Fashion Designer

Kristina Dimitrova – “Fashion industry and technology
Founder, Interlaced

Antoana Evtimova – “Future of recruitment
Talent & Culture Lead at Resolute Software

Paul Armstrong – “Technology as a problem
Tech Advisor, Founder at HERE/FORTH

Nadya Krasteva-Stoycheva – “Startup Europe Week overview
Local Co-Organizer, Startup Europe Week

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