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Which Is the Best Way to Present a Portfolio?

The Future of Portfolio

We asked 50 artists about the best ways to present a portfolio. In February live at The Future of Portfolio, our panelists shared that the print format is not dead at all and there are many specifics about the different formats.

According to our research, the best way to present your portfolio for application of employment is the website.

Myths - True or False

The speakers also analyzed the myths related to the portfolio. There are some myths with comments by the panelists and the artists who joined our research.

1. I can have a portfolio of imaginary projects. Can I get a job if all I have are imaginary projects (without having been hired before)? 

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It is better to have real projects, but it is acceptable.

2. My portfolio should be as short as possible.

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Add only the best projects. Short is better.

3. Custom portfolio for every client.

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It is recommended to have a custom portfolio for different clients

4. Minimalist vs. Flamboyant

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Keep the balance. But more and more professionals are into minimalism.
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