Evolution of Video Games with Shereef Morse & Abraham Morales

Shereef Morse and Abraham Morales from Tic Toc Games told us more about the evolution of video games and their project.

Game Review: Lifeslide

Are we the only ones who think this game is tricky and not easy at all? Gamers: we challenge you to test your skills and nerves playing Lifeslide! The official release of the game will be on Steam on 6 August. Game on!

E3 2021: Day 2 Recap

SQUARE ENIX showed the best content recycling showcase and Bethesda’s Redfall stole the show.

SlavConf. е сред събитията в матрицата за гейминг индустрията на София

Столична агенция за инвестиции представи първата си матрица за творческата индустрия.